Senin, 19 September 2016

Unforgettable Moment !!

I'll never forget my great moments in my life. Although is already long past time. I still remember when I was a birthday, my family and my friends gave a surprise to me. I was really happy that day and I have no idea that I will get surprise.

I was 8th at the time. When I was watched television with my friend, out of the blue my family gave me a surprise. They gave me a birthday cake. The cake was a round chocolate cake with white cream and at the side were given a chocolate bar that has been formed around the cake. I couldn't express my feeling.. I was surprised, happy, yeah y'know.. before that I'm never get a birthday party or surprise. So, I was really, 'what?really?wow.thanks.' That's it.

I get surprised again when I was grade  4th and 6th in elementary school. That surprised is from my friends. I'm already know that I will get surprised. So, I don't too surprised But still, I am thankful to my friends who given surprised to me.

Okay, that's is my unforgettable moments. All of you must have an unforgettable moments, right? If you'd like, please tell in this post. See you next post and thank you very much for reading this post.